Attention Students and Parents:
Due to the small number of student projects, The N. A. Ferri Middle School will not be holding a formal Science Fair Night. Instead those students who completed a project will be on display in the Library during the week of February 7th. These projects will be judged by the science teachers and those who exemplify the scientific process will be invited to participate in the Rhode Island State Fair.

The Rhode Island State Science Fair is scheduled for
March 26 and 27th at CCRI in Warwick.
Welcome to the Science Fair Project Resources Page
This page has been put together as a resource to help you complete a successful science fair project.
Check the time line frequently as due dates for each section of the project will be posted here.
All resource links are found below . . . Scroll down and begin your Topic Search!

Recent Announcement (1/8/11): Hi kids! I have uploaded a template for you to follow as you organize your science fair paper. You can find it here: I suggest that you open it up and immediately save it to both your computer and flash drive and give it a different name, then you can begin to type your information. Mrs. Paisley and I will be staying after school this Monday and Wednesday to continue our guidance. Please bring your flash drives with you! You all should gather the materials needed to conduct your experiment (if you haven't already done so). Testing should begin this week! I also need all of the forms that I gave you signed and dated ASAP!!!!!
See you Monday,
Mrs. Saul

Time line of Due Dates and Important Reminders

Due Date
Just My Two Cents

Parent Announcement

Parent Friendly Project Guide - thank you parents for the support that you give your child.Here is a project guide that I think will be most helpful to you as you act as the "guide-on-the-side" of your budding scientist. Please note that this is by no means the only resource available. Marian Mohr Library has a good selection of science fair project books and the Internet is chuck full of additional sites.

3 Possible Earth Science Based
Topics with Focus Questions
Monday 11/29 and additional day 12/6
Need a Topic? Scroll below for possible ideas
as well as general science fair resources.

Topic Selection
form filled out with Parent Signature
Hi there kids, please do not forget to have your parent/guardian sign the selection sheet over the weekend! Remember it is OK to change your topic if you find another that suits you better. Just be sure to get the job done! Good luck!

Background Research Plan Worksheet

Background Introduction Research Paper

Rewrite Background Information following Rubric and Format
OK kids, Please do not disappoint me and continue to find background research on your topic(s). You each received the format packet on Tuesday and should use this with the example as a model when you organize your information. Please come in on Monday, 1/3/11 with questions etc, but do not leave the writing of this paper until last minute. You should be working on this as soon as your holiday is over! Have a wonderful and safe holiday break!!
  • Find an extra copy of the background Information format and criteria rubric here:

Bibliography due
You must have at least 5 Resources and correctly cite using the MLA Format. Remember that WIKIPEDIA IS NEVER ALLOWED! Use Easybib to save time! Follow this link:

All State forms
January 5th or 6th
All Student participants must fill out, print and have parents sign the following forms:

Purpose & Hypothesis
Included in Introduction background research as the last paragraph and typed separately for the backboard. Follow the science fair paper handout and use the template above for guidance.

Materials and Procedure
Type and Print following the format in the resource booklet and science fair paper format sheet.

Make sure your measurements are in metric units. Use the online conversion cite at


Create Data Table

Follow the data table template in the science fair resource booklet pages 18-19 and the models to create an appropriate table for your experiment. Try your luck at making this on the computer or use the attached template and modify it to make your own.


All projects must have at least 5-10 trials complete per experimental group and control group.

Graph the Data

Use Resource booklet to guide you and the graphing rubric that is in your binder. Make certain that you choose an appropriate graph for the data.

Create a Graph on line. Go to this website:

Written Results/Analysis using the data in the table and graph as support for discussion.

Follow Science Paper Format Directions and Resource Booklet for Directions and Guidance here.


Please use page 23 in the resource book as well as the science fair paper format 3- page packet w/ rubric to type this. The paper format pack has an example conclusion with edits to help you. It is almost over kids.I am very proud of those of you who have been working diligently to complete each section. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Final Paper and Backboard YES!!!!!!!
Final paper due typed and following format sheet. Do not forget to type an application and acknowledgment section as well and include at least 5 resources if you did not do this when it was due!


IDEASScience Buddies - this is a terrific resource for all of your science fair needs. Check out the topic selection wizard . . . very cool!
Earth Science and Geology Science Fair Projects and Experiments - Specific content related project ideas
IPL Science Fair Project Resources -This site is an on line library that catalogs many, many science fair links itself. This is worth the time browsing around.
Science Fair Central Project Ideas — Great place to find ideas and help with the parts of the project
National Student Research Center — Check this sit out for many ideas. Be warned that you will need to weed through them and find the earth science based experiments.
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab — Some interesting and fun experiments here.
ExploraNet — Loads of science information and links to other resources