Second Quarter Homework

Level 5: 11/21
Refer to book pages 18-22 (sm Inside Earth Book), the Continental Drift Link on the Geology wikispace page and the map of Pangea to help you complete the homework:
Finish the Pangea Puzzle by using the clues to glue the pieces to your construction paper and then answer the 6 follow-up questions . Please type your answers in complete sentences.

Do not forget to explain your reasoning. Many people loose points foolishly because they are not answering questions completely. Read each question carefully!

Week of 11/12:
Levels 1,3,4,and 7
Chapter 1-4 pages 23-29 : The Theory of Seafloor Spreading
Complete Paper Model and type or handwrite on separate paper questions 1-7 ONLY in complete sentences.

Seafloor Spreading REVIEW:

Hi Everyone!
Check out my Geology page for a review of Seafloor Spreading. The following animations and videos will also help you! Here is an upload of powerpoint notes with great images to guide you in reviewing continental drift, seafloor spreading and plate behavior.

Hope to see you all soon, Mrs. Saul

Seafloor Spreading Animations and You Tube Videos:

Seafloor Spreading Animation

Subduction Animation


Convection driving seafloor spreading and plate movement

Lava erupting underwater ( Very COOL) at the Mid Atlantic Ridge and Seafloor Spreading

Seafloor and plates (Very Good)

Seafloor Spreading with Bill Nye

Continents Adrift

Lithospheric Tectonic Plates

Theory of Plate Tectonics, Chapter 1 -5 (pages 32-37).

Plate Boundary Types

Write and Define the nine key vocabulary terms in your notebook.


Go to the Interactives Plate Tectonics site:

and complete the questions on the attached worksheet.

Week of January 6, 2014

Astronomy Chapter 1 -1

Reasons for the Seasons


Seasons Webquest:
Worksheet Link: