Homework 1st Quarter

Quarter 1 HOMEWORK
Click to download a template in word. Once you open this, rename the file and save it to your DOCUMENTS folder and/or flash drive. Then type all of your work into the template and print for class!

Weeks of September 22-10/1, 2014
Please complete a CER graphic organizer and scientific explanation forthe fortune fish activity. Highlight or color code and label each part in the explanation.

10/3- 10/10
All classes: Type the Crust Density Lab Report.
Hand in both the draft copy and final copy on the following due dates:

All Classes:
Parts 1 and 2: What is the Effect of Heat Energy on the Mantle?

Lab Sheet and Follow Up Questions 1-6 and Apply and Infer Questions 1-9

Lab Sheet with Jars

Follow up Questions 1-6

Apply and Infer questions 1-9

Chapter 1 Section 3: The Theory of Continental Drift
Week of 10/21
1,3,4, 5 and 7: Refer to book pages 18-22 (sm Inside Earth Book) or 132-140 ( Lg Book), the Continental Drift Link on the Geology wikispace page and your map of Pangea to help you complete the homework:

Do not forget to explain your reasoning. Many people loose points foolishly because they are not answering questions completely. Read each question carefully!